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A Remarkable Inaugural Lecture from Professor Gordon Awandare

On a memorable day, 8th June 2023, the academic community had the privilege of witnessing a remarkable inaugural lecture by Professor Gordon Awandare. The lecture was not just a celebration of academic achievement but also an invitation to explore the profound insights and visionary perspective of a scholar poised to make a lasting impact.

Professor Gordon Awandare's inaugural lecture took place in the Great Hall at Unviersity of Ghana, Legon, a place that has borne witness to countless moments of scholarly significance over the years. It was a fitting backdrop for an event that would undoubtedly leave its mark on the institution's history.

Professor Gordon Awandare is a name well-known within the academic world, one of Africa's foremost scientist, with a distinguished career spanning several decades. He is Professor of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at the University of Ghana. He is also the founding director of the West African Center for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP) and a visiting professor at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Brooks University, Oxford, UK. Professor Awandare is a world renowned expert in the field of Malaria and his research and leading role have contributed significantly in the discovery of the mechanisms used by malaria parasites to evade red blood cells.

The full outstanding biography of Professor Gordon Awandare as delivered by Professor Nana Aba Appiah, VC of University of Ghana, can be found on 99Science website, Ghana Leading science communication platform reporting the transcripts of the event:


The presentation delved into the historical importance of malaria in Africa and the long-lasting influence it has left on the health dynamics of the continent. It illuminated the adaptive reactions of the human immune system to malaria, emphasizing how recurrent encounters with the parasite have resulted in the development of a certain degree of resilience in individuals, enabling them to endure the disease without significant complications.

A noteworthy aspect of Professor Awandare's lecture was his investigation into the possible cross-defensive impacts of the immune system's reaction to malaria in the fight against COVID-19.

Beyond the scientific endeavors, Professor Awandare also emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. He encouraged students and fellow academics to engage in cross-disciplinary research, as he believes that many of the most pressing challenges of our time can only be solved through the convergence of multiple fields.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, expressed her admiration for Prof. Awandare's expertise and lauded the lecture as an important contribution to scientific knowledge.

"Prof Awandare has incredible talent. But he's shown that we can't make it with talent alone. You need to combine it with restlessness, non-conformity and be passionate. You don't say stop till you get to your destination. No wonder the mantra at WACCBIP is no excuse, just get it done," she said.

As he continues his academic journey, Professor Awandare's lecture will undoubtedly inspire countless students and researchers to strive for excellence in their respective fields, serving as a testament to the transformative potential of dedicated scholars in the world of academia.

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