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4th ISNTD Connect – Watch this event

Towards more Human-Centred Healthcare

This 4th session of the ISNTD Connect series in collaboration with the Digital Diagnostics for Africa Network drew on design, behaviour science and the theory of change to forge approaches to healthcare that are more human-centred.

Two the speakers from the Network, Dr Talya Porat and Dr Weston Baxter, and both affiliated at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London, where they conduct research in human factors, human-computer interaction, usability and cognitive engineering, at the intersection of behavioural science and design.

At the top (left) Dr Weston Baxter (Imperial College London) and (right) Marianne Comparet (ISNTD Director). At the bottom, Dr Talya Porat (Imperial College London).

Dr Porat and Dr Baxter presented case studies and findings from their research on the field, including applications for diagnostics support systems and hand washing, outlining how designing innovative tools for improving healthcare services and products is heavily intertwined to understanding the context of use, putting users at the very centre of the design process. Here following the titles of the talks:

  • The importance of human-centred approaches in the development of healthcare interventions – Dr Talya Porat

  • Finding solutions through behaviour change: a hand washing case study – Dr Weston Baxter.

The event was joined by a large audience from academic and research institutions and organisations spread all over the world, contributing to a vivid Q&A session.

Full episode available here below:

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