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3rd ISNTD Connect – Watch the event

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Adventures in 'R' and Predictive Artificial Intelligence for NTDs & Global Health

After the success of the past ISNTD events, exploring the potential of portable molecular diagnostics technology and the importance of engaging with communities for any kind of novel diagnostics and health interventions, this 3rd ISNTD Connect session focused on the the use of geospatial diseases mapping, AI and mathematical modelling to inform public health strategies and improved disease surveillance systems.

The event featured the talks of two speakers from the Digital Diagnostics for Africa Network, Dr Lucy Okell, from the School of Public Health at Imperial College London and Mr Darlington Akogo, Founder and CEO and MinoHealth AI Labs, and Dr Paula Moraga, from the King Adbullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

From the left, Kamran Rafiq, ISNTD Director of Communication, Dr Paula Moraga and below Dr Lucy Okell.

Dr Paula Moraga, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Principal Investigator of the Geospatial Statistics and Health Surveillance (GeoHealth) research group at KAUST, is develop with the her team frontier geospatial methods and computational tools for geospatial data analysis and health surveillance, and she is contributing to a wide range of collaborative projects to solve challenging problems in public health and make a positive impact on the world.

Dr Lucy Okell is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Health at Imperial College London and her research interests are the development of mathematical models of malaria and analysis of epidemiological in collaboration with policy makers to better understand malaria burden and the impact of public health interventions, to ultimately inform and improve malaria control policy.

Mr Darlington Akogo is a global leader in Artificial Intelligence and Founder and Director of Artificial Intelligence at GUDRA, and its subsidiaries, including minoHealth AI Labs, developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automated diagnostics, forecasts and prognostics. He’s also the Lead of the Topic Group on AI4Radiology under the United Nations International Telecommunication Union and the World Health Organisation’s Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health (FG-AI4H). At UN FG-AI4H, Akogo leads the development of global regulations and standards for AI in radiology.

The session was joined by a large audience from academic and research institutions and organisations spread all over the world, that contributed to a vivid Q&A session.

Full episode is available here below.

To reach out to the speakers or more information, please use the Contact form on the Home page:

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